The Musical Styles of Soul

Looking at Music through the ages, you will hear the best of the beats from a variety of genres. From the Jazz and Blues era to how rock changed the world, we have a world of categories to consider. An unsung hero that seems to slip into a shadowy history is also the Soul of music. Deep reaching sounds and rhythms have been the foundation of our favorite playlists.

Singers such as Sam Cooke and Ray Charles popularized Soul as a bridge from the mostly religious Gospel and the heart breaks of Blues. This collaboration became a sensation and was known to be specific to black artists. As the trend continued, the threads of soul spread to a diverse group of singers. The term “blue eyed soul” was meant to represent musical icons who were white yet cultivated Soul in their songs.

Soul Music Style

Looking at the differently similar musical styles that emerged from Soul, you will see a fine line that separates them. Over the decades, Soul still stands strong as it has never dissipated. Instead the classics are always within ears reach while subgenres honor the tradition of Soul Music.

An upsurge of Soul Music was found to top the charts in the 50’s. Ray Charles and James Brown were noted as Soul inspirations. Rhythm and Blues made a statement during the introduction of Soul on the radio. This led to the bluesy rock notes of Elvis Presley and even Buddy Holly. Their style of song brought together the straight soul with a hint of rock and roll. If you listen to the undertones of certain folk singers and their lyrics you will find that Soul is entranced through the notes and into the harmonies sang.

When the late fifties into the Sixties came into being, so did a plethora of political sidelines and messages. A new version of Soul came to the scene bringing a pop to doowop rhythm. Favorites were chosen from Aretha Franklin, the Supremes and Motown groups that seemed to fill record stores. The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder all fall into this category along with dozens of artists from that time period. Keeping in stride with the times, the mix of soul and a new generation is still cherished today.

Soul Today

Later Styles were influenced greatly from Soul. As you enter the eighties forward, Pop began to morph into a genuine class of its own. Taking the underlying virtue of the music, Soulful singers came to the stage with a new wave of hits. Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige and Destinys Child famously kept with the legacies that came before them with a twist. In lieu of letting Soul become a thing of the past, new musicians continue to evolve the sound to meet modern expectations. It is for this reason Soul lives on and continues to bring us back to yesterday as the forefathers in the music industry will never be forgotten.