The Moods of Soul

In an ever-swaying cycle of life events and happenings, we experience a prism of emotions. Music has a penchant for empathizing with our every mood or whim. A variety of genres charm the moment with soothing words and energizing rhythms. Soul music in particular offers a nuance of melodies with kindred sounds to suit the scenario. When you are up or down, soul playlists have the tune and tempo that seems to have been made just for you. Whether it’s the trueness of vivid vocals or the hypnotizing music that accompanies them, the notes are filled with soulful possibilities.

The emotional dynamics of our psyche have a realm that connects with our experiences. Scientific scans display the effects of certain stimuli and how it interacts with our emotional, physical and mental responses. Each day we might circulate a collage of feelings in reply to the people or circumstances we meet. Soul transforms these feelings into thoughtful transitions of music.


Soul music is not typically synonymous with joyous occasions, yet much of their music is designed to uplift the spirit. Singers and song writers such as James Brown, Wilson Pickett and Levi Stubbs are known for their feel-good hits. Their music will get you up and moving despite your given mood. Dancing to the jive of “I feel good” or “Mustang Sally” is the classic way to better the day.


Empowering Motivation

When we are feeling low or questioning what we are doing, it is time to pull out the queen of soul herself. Aretha Franklin holds a paragon of strength in her music. She commands attention with her every word and lyric. Who can forget the iconic anthem of R-E-S-P-E-C-T or her generous contribution to the top hits of her time? Soul music lends a helping hand to stand tall and regain your perspective.

Love and Heart

Swooning in a lovely time of your life is celebrated with the smooth sounds of soul. Marvin Gaye and the popular Isley Brothers bring a genius tempo with a flair for heartfelt harmonies. Romantic gestures and candle lighting can make for a relaxing evening with a loved one or while unwinding at the end of the day.


Sometimes we just need someone to understand our woes. The struggles we face or the heartbreaks we withstand call for a musical remedy. Al Greene sang his way into our lives as he seemed to read the minds of us all. He knew how we felt and set the pace with songs of empathy. Percy Sledge is another artist whose velvety tones made us raise our arms and nod our heads in agreement. Soulful and sensitive, music can get you through the hardest of times.

Soul music is more diverse than its melancholy reputation. It is the listening ear, a push in the right place and an emotional confidante. Inspiration and understanding are the two main themes you will see throughout each playlist. The connection of life and music lives on within the musical musings of soul.