The Different Sub-genres of Soul Music

There are many different forms of soul music, while the genre is somewhat specific there are still so many various branches that put their own unique twist on the category. Here are a few of the different sub genres of the great soul music style.


Afro-soul is the combination of African sound and soul music. This sub-genre of the soul is different from the others, owing to the strong emotional connection between the sound and the lead singer. Afro-soul also has a relationship with other African sounds like Afro-jazz and Afrobeats, but it is the most outstanding genre of the soul music.

Blue-Eyed Soul

The white soul (Blue-eye from the eyes of the white) is the type of soul music adopted and performed by the those of white origin. The term “Blue-eye” was derived from the eyes of the white artists who performed soul music similar to that of the “Motown Records’ during the 60s. The “Motown sound” changed a lot of things way back, and their artists made music even the whites can relate. So, the whites began to copy soul music in their way. It was a little difficult to accept the white’s folk’s soul in the black community. However, radio stations began playing Blue-eyed soul music for the “soul feeling.”

Brown-Eyed Soul

Yet another twist to the tradition, the brown-eyed soul is the Latinos version of the soul genre. This genre is a blend of the black American soul music and the rock music of the Mexicans. It was born during the late 1960s and was the dominant form of music in southern California. The style was heavily influenced by rock and sometimes is the opposite of the blue-eyed soul music. The Latinos also performed it in clubs and concerts.

Hip Hop Soul

Hip-hop Soul is the mix of R&B and soul music. The genre tries to combine the sounds and tunes of Hip-hop with the melody of rhythm and blues-derived from black American’s gospel songs. Soul music was greatly influenced by the new sounds which the R&B brought to the music industry. The fusion gave birth to something more intense than Hip-hop and more soothing than soul music. A lot of music critics described the sound as pouring your soul over good Hip-hop tunes.

Future Soul

Future soul came to light in the early years of the 2000s. The genre is the combination of soul music and new-age R&B. However, next soul is very different from all other types of soul music. The only thing it has in common is the sweet soulful singing of the artists.

The genre was formed as a result of the introduction of electronic production into the music industry. It is the combination of dubstep, hip-hop, electronica, and pop. It’s unique sound consciously excludes jazz and funk. The melodious songwriting of soul was later fused into electronic production to give birth to a modified future soul music.