Soul Music Around the World

Soul is one of the most amazing music genres that has ever existed. It first started in the 50’s and the major hype happened until the 70s. Even today there are countless soul style groups that make this amazing music. The start of this music genre came from a mixture of blues and African music. Its main themes refer to the struggles and emotions of the African American community in the United States. The African origin of this music genre makes it truly unique. The clapping and the joyful rhythms of this music genre assured it a place in the music history. Some of the main singers of this movement were also major personalities of that time and lobbied for a better treatment and equality of the African American community. There are countless soul groups all over the world that take the tradition further.

The Birth Place

The United States are considered the birthplace of this music genre. Sam Cooke is thought to be one of the parents of soul and the major evolution of this genre happened here. The soul music was at first a very underground style that was played in the African American community, but its popularity soon set root the souls of many people and managed to become a national sensation. Thanks to artists like Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin this music managed to reach the ear and hearts of people around the world thanks the radio and their amazing tours. Besides these two there were other major artists that toured European countries and inspired many similar music movements around the world.

The UK

The UK
The UK

The United Kingdom was also one of the hubs of souls. After the hype started in the US, the magic of this genre reached the island kingdom too. Singers like Prince incorporated many soul’s elements and managed to create amazing songs based on the soul music. The UK soul music was very different from the one in the US and people that were not part of the African community started to sing it because they loved the rhythms.

Jamaica and African Countries

Jamaica and Central America were also touched by this amazing genre. Of course, the soul music created here was very different form the original one thanks to the deep roots of the local indigenous music. The soul music had a very strong reggae influence and many artists like Bob Marley stated that soul music was their first love. The soul music is still very popular here and it managed to influence the Jamaican reggae forever.

African countries were an obvious home for soul music. They adopted this style as it was and incorporated some more traditional elements. The churches world-wide adopted soul and managed to transform it in a very nice gospel style. The joy and praise that can be felt with these songs are amazing. Soul music is very different wherever we go. The local influences shaped this amazing style into something truly unique in every part it was adopted.