Soul Music and Motown

Soul music is perhaps one of the most creative music genres that has ever existed. It first appeared in the 50’s and it was based on a mixture of blues and African influences. This genre told the story of the struggles of the African American community in the United states.

At first, it was a music style that could be found only in the African American community but thanks to its originality and amazing sound it soon became popular worldwide. There are countless great artists that took this music style in all the corners of the world with their tours and thanks to the radio. Most of the soul artists started to record at Motown and this is why many people thought that the Motown style and soul are the same thing.

Motown Helping Soul

Motown is a great record label that helped many of the soul artists to launch their careers. It was a soul hub for a very long time and one of the greatest names that started here is the unique Aretha Franklin. This record label was soon considered the beating heart of soul and hundreds of aspiring artists were knocking at its doors to start their career. But the Motown sound that is still popular these days is a completely different genre. The Motown sound is a combination of R&B with pop music. This blend appeared naturally thanks to the amazing producers like Smokey Robinson that observed the evolution of the music industry.

The Results

Many people believe that R&B is actually the child of the soul music and they definitely have reasons to think that. This music style has the same themes as the soul music, but the main difference is in the rhythm. Soul is a softer and more heart-touching genre that speaks about emotions and the struggles of the African American community in the United States. The African roots of this genre are obvious and the clapping that was often involved has its origins there. The Motown sound was considered much more commercial and it definitely managed to be very popular to the African American and white audience all over the world. This style allowed more artists to experiment and try new styles.

There was a time in which the Motown producers tried to influence the artists to play in their style to have more commercial success and this is the point when soul music detached a bit from the record label. Great artists like Aretha Franklin recorded for a very long time with Motown but she never accepted to change her own style. Motown was a record label and it tried to keep the artists as successful as possible. Some people argue that the Motown sound was a natural development of the soul music because it has first appeared in the 60s, during the soul hype.

Motown and soul music will always have a love story together. The record label was the starting point of many great artists, but it also managed to create something of its own.