Four Must See Movies Made With Soul

Cozying up to a night of Soul music does not always require a record player. Music styles have met the movie scene including the jiving set of Soul. Touching dramas, documentaries and comedic brilliance lends us a closer look at the genre from a different perspective. Soul music captivates our mood and mind with soothing rhythms that float through the room. When you combine this melodic magic alongside a movie reel, you can expect the wonders of soul to come alive.

Northern Soul

Taking place in the 1970s, dreams were the theme of life for young boys. Living in a small town with little prospects for the future, the boys were inspired by the soul music movement. Wanting to travel afar and leave their home for a shot in the music industry brought them on a journey of friendship, loyalty and temptation. Finding the path to rarely seen records was their rise to DJ fame as they made their way to their destiny.

Who Stole the Soul?

An interesting look at the backdrop of music today is set to remind us of the forefathers of both soul and rhythm and blues. The legends that have faded into the scenery are no longer in the spotlight. A new musical age has included digital and technological methods that have skyrocketed artists to the top of the billboards. This docudrama allows the world to remember the stage in its original glory. Track the societal impacts and politics of the transition while taking a step in time to the former days of soul.

The Blues Brothers

Soulfully funny and witty is the iconic movie that has become a household tradition. Jake and Elwood are two brothers who put their heart in the right place to help the nun who raised them. Without funding, the school will close creating a soul mission for the duo. In efforts to raise money, the brothers get the old band back together with a newfound fanbase, a few of the same old shenanigans and a whole lot of laughter. The Blues Brothers had their own style that eventually became a part of the music they played.


The Dreamettes started as a group of three female singers who had talent and charisma to lead them. Once they were signed as backup singers, it became clear the trio was meant for success. Their manager pulled a bait switch with the lead singer opting for a new face for the label. Renaming them the Dreams, they gained traction as their own headliners as their original singer, Effie, was left in the impoverished dust. This movie is triumphant and escalating with a side dish of vindication. You will watch every minute with speculation and dramatic suspense.

Movies take the senses and mingle them together with a visual component. Watching one or having a marathon is entertaining for the whole family.  Whether you’re learning about your favorite soul artist or wanting to experience an uplifting moment, settling in for the evening with a soultastic film is sure to set the tune for the day.