Monthly Archives: August 2018

A History of Soul Music in the US

Soul music is a popular music genre in America. It was one of the first music genres in America after folk music. The Afro-American music style is often said to be the father of the contemporary music genres we enjoy like hip-hop, R&B, dancehall and even funk music. You can hear influences from soul music […]

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The Different Sub-genres of Soul Music

There are many different forms of soul music, while the genre is somewhat specific there are still so many various branches that put their own unique twist on the category. Here are a few of the different sub genres of the great soul music style. Afro-soul Afro-soul is the combination of African sound and soul […]

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Soul Music and Motown

Soul music is perhaps one of the most creative music genres that has ever existed. It first appeared in the 50’s and it was based on a mixture of blues and African influences. This genre told the story of the struggles of the African American community in the United states. At first, it was a […]

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