Monthly Archives: June 2018

What Makes Soul Music Special?

Soul music has some very unique features that are not evident in other genres. For one thing, it is designed to convey strong emotions and typically has deep, meaningful lyrics created for this purpose. Its roots are from old gospel played in southern churches in the United States. Soul also typically has a strong sense […]

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Soul Music’s Influence on Jazz

Soul music originated in the African American community of the United States. Much of the sound and elements actually arose from gospel music played in churches of the deep south of North America. It peaked in popularity in the 1960s having had humble beginnings in the late 1950s. Soul Jazz Soul has had a deep […]

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Is Soul Music Still Popular?

Soul music originated as long ago as the 1950s and 1960s in the United States. When first on the scene it was hugely popular throughout the country and continued to be so for many years. People may think that soul music is no longer popular but actually elements of this type of music still remain […]

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